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There are people who do not settle for the usual prices of things and are able to get the best bargains and prizes.

These people belong to a select club called: PEOPLE IN BLACK CLUB    Do you want to be part of it?

From November 20th to 24th, celebrate the Black Week with Espacio Mediterraneo!  There are more than a thousand prizes waiting for you*. 

Follow the instructions that are detailed below and enter the PEOPLE IN BLACK CLUB of Espacio Mediterraneo:

1. Find the photocall of the "People in Black Club" that will be moving around the Shopping Center during these days.

2. Take a photo in the photocall, upload it publicly to your social networks, using the hashtag #BlackFEnEspacioMediterráneo.

3. Once this is done, you will be given a totally black club card, which you can only discover if it has been awarded at the stand of the campaign, which is located at the central square of Espacio Mediterraneo.

Important!! To get your prize, you will have to present a purchase ticket made at the mall during these days and show at the stand that you have downloaded the Espacio Mediterráneo App.

Join the PEOPLE IN BLACK CLUB of Espacio Mediterráneo!


* The prizes are direct: 5 vouchers of 100€ to spend at the mall, 250 Black Friday shopping bags, 250 Black pens, 250 Black notebooks and 250 multimedia keychains.

For more info check the terms&conditions below

Download here the PDF associated

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