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Somos Mediterráneo, an environmental commitment to the hidden treasures of our coastline.
At Espacio Mediterráneo we wanted this summer to be marked by the approach to a sea that, in addition to naming the center, defines our culture and our way of being and doing. Somos Mediterráneo is a statement about who we are, a commitment to our sea with the aim of enjoying it responsibly.
To this end, through the photographic exhibition “Hidden Treasures”, we have brought the visitors of the Shopping Center closer to the lesser-known areas of our coastline, entering unique enclaves, coves with difficult access and paths next to the sea surrounded by esparto grass, palm hearts , rosemary and other native species, giving value to the environment that always surrounds us with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.
Through Somos Mediterráneo we have wanted to go one step further, contribute our grain of sand and set an example by cleaning the beach and the bottoms of Cala Salitrona, one of the hidden treasures of our coast, for which we have had the collaboration of the neighbors del Campillo de Adentro and the Caballito Salao de la Azohía diving school. A total of 28 bags of plastic debris are the witness that something has to change in the attitude of those of us who enjoy the Mediterranean, it is necessary to strengthen the commitment to leave future generations a transparent sea, full of life, and a clean coastline. for the enjoyment of all.
Espacio Mediterraneo has had a commitment to the Environment since its opening, so we will continue to carry out actions to live in a more sustainable environment.


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