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At Espacio Mediterráneo we work every day to make a more sustainable Shopping Center. We have:

  • Display screens of temperature and humidity.
  • HVLS ceiling fans that allow the cooling temperature setpoints to be raised by two degrees, without affecting thermal comfort, reducing energy consumption in air conditioning.
  • Opening and closing by means of automatically operated doors.
  • A micro-perforated vinyl on the glass facade, which reduces the incidence of solar radiation and reduces energy consumption in air conditioning.
  • A maintenance contract for thermal installations with an approved company, and passes reviews of its installations in compliance with what is approved in the Regulation of Thermal Installations of Buildings (RITE).
  • “Green” energy contract. 100% of the electrical energy consumed in Espacio Mediterráneo comes from renewable sources, our CO2 footprint corresponding to the consumption of electrical energy is nil.
  • A project for the installation of a 233kW photovoltaic plant for self-consumption.
  • LED technology lighting.
  • A central facility management system, with which it centrally and automatically regulates air conditioning and ventilation facilities.
  • BREEAM seal: double rating of "Excellent". This seal studies and certifies the sustainability of buildings and has highlighted the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental management policy.
  • A permanent control and monitoring system for energy consumption (EMS).
  • ISO 50001:2018 certification, energy management system that guarantees efficient management of energy use.

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