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At Espacio Mediterráneo we started going back to school with the aim of leaving a positive footprint in the fight against climate change. Therefore, from September 17 to October 3, we are going to take a trip to the world of animals and learn a little more about their habitat and customs. Come and enjoy this adventure in which we will transport you to different places such as the African savannah, the Iberian Peninsula and the poles, knowing the different species that inhabit them.

Get one of the 5 symbolic adoptions of the Iberian lynx from WWF.

You will also be eligible for a lot of gifts in our contests. Be aware!

To participate in the promotion "GET YOUR FOOTPRINT" and get one of the 6 gift cards that we will raffle worth 30 euros, you will have to:

  • Have the Shopping Center APP downloaded.
  • Go to the Information Point and validate the "fingerprint / coupon" downloaded from the promotion.
  • The validation of the coupon gives the right to participate in a draw for a gift card of 30 euros.

To participate in the “COMMIT YOURSELF TO CHANGE” contest on Instagram and get one of the 2 € 50 gift cards that we will raffle, you will have to:

  • Follow @espaciomediterraneo on Instagram.
  • Give a "like" to the creative of the promotion, published on our Instagram profile on September 17.
  • Discuss your commitment to helping endangered animals and tag 2 people.
  • Upload a photo / video to your personal profile made in our endangered animals exhibition.
  • Tag @espaciomediterraneo

Are you coming on safari with us?

Download here the PDF associated

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