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Andromeda's Pop is made up of a team of people immersed in an alternative world made up of superheroes, video games, manga/anime and many more of all the themes that can be found.

We all have a little freak living in us. Let it go! and that you go have fun with them.

They love video games, play but above all and above all geeks, very very geeks.

You can get all the Pop! so let's move this imaginary world to the real one so that everyone can access it and buy Pop!s and merchandising related to the world of comics, video games, manga, anime, series, television and everything related to the geek world that we love so much. passionate.

Andromeda's Pop is the perfect store to choose that gift that is so original, different and at the same time fun that makes us part of this so different and so unique universe.

They are willing to help you with everything you need, as they give their clients a personalized, different and special treatment, just like them and their great Universe.


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