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Social and Family Responsibility

Information Hub

Information on the businesses and services in Espacio Mediterráneo. Personalised Claims and Suggestion Service.

Nursing Room
& Toilets for Children

If you need to change your baby’s nappy or feed them in a private place, Espacio Mediterráneo has fully equipped nursing rooms, offering high-quality services to its customers. You can find them at the various toilet areas in the shopping centre.

ID Wristbands for Children

We provide ID wristbands for children to prevent them from getting lost in the centre. You must write your name and phone number on them so that the centre staff can easily locate you upon finding your child.

Loan of Baby
Strollers and Carriers

Is your baby tired or too little to walk? Maybe you need some help or you just left your stroller at home. Go to our Information Hub and request a baby stroller or carrier for free.


We have defibrillators installed in strategic points for emergencies.

First-aid kit

We have a first-aid kit available in our Information Hub.


Dispensers are placed at access points and different spots in the shopping centre.

Loan of Wheelchairs

We offer free loan of wheelchairs for those who have difficulty moving around the centre. You can request a wheelchair at our Information Hub.

Mobility Vehicles

Ask for them at our Information Hub.

Terrace Area

Enjoy the fresh air and good weather at our terraces in the restaurant area on the first floor.

Family Car Park

We love welcoming families to our shopping centre with open arms! That is why we have XXL parking spaces exclusively reserved for families in our underground car park.

Adapted Parking Spaces

In our underground car park, you will find accessible parking spaces located near the entrance to our shopping mall for all those who need them. These are signposted clearly.

Adapted Services

Adapted services for people with reduced mobility.

Motorbike Parking Area

Coming to our shopping centre by motorbike? In our underground car park you will find an exclusive parking area for motorbikes.

Taxi Rank

In need of a taxi service to get to and from Espacio Mediterráneo? You will find our taxi rank at the Carrefour exit.

Bus Stop

Coming to our shopping centre by bus? There is a bus stop near Espacio Mediterráneo where you can take the city line 4.

Clothing Bin

Recycle clothes and toys you no longer use. Located at the SAS blue car park.

Punto Violeta

Espacio Mediterráneo has joined the initiative promoted by the Ministry of Equality to engage society as a whole in the fight against gender violence, making a Punto Violeta available for all the visitors, workers and users of the shopping centre for information and help with all matters related to gender violence. Learn more at the Customer Service Hub (ground floor).


Bicycle Parking Area

Coming to our shopping centre by bicycle? In our underground car park you will find an exclusive parking area for bicycles.

Charging of Electric Vehicles

Do you need to charge your electric car? Our underground car park has a space reserved just for you.

Recycling Point

We have special containers to collect what you don’t need any more.

Container for Batteries

You may have discharged batteries you don’t know how to dispose of. Deposit them in our container for batteries at the entrance to the SAS blue car park and we will recycle them.

Industrial Fans

The centre is well-ventilated, using natural air recycling through industrial fans placed at strategic points in the centre.

Plus Services

Manual Car Wash

Do you need to wash your car or make the most out of your visit? In our underground car park you will find a manual car wash area, you’ll come back to your car looking as good as new!

Rest Areas

Feeling exhausted? Take a break to use our rest areas located at different points in the shopping centre.

Mobile Charging Points

Are you out of battery? Is your phone about to die? Get to our Information Hub and charge it to stay connected at all times.

Lost and Found

Did you lose anything? Come to our Information Hub and ask for it.


We have ATM services from various banking institutions. You can find them at the entrances on the ground floor, as well as the hypermarket checkout line.

Electronic Scales

We have electronic scales available in the corridors to the toilets if you would like to check your weight.

Vehicle Start Assistance

If you can’t start your car as your battery’s died, talk to one of our members of staff. We will be happy to help.

Water for Guide Dogs

When your dog is thirsty, come to our Information Hub. We will give them the water they need.


With our app, you have all the relevant information on the centre and VIP discounts in your pocket.

Photo booth

Saving your best smile for a photograph? Espacio Mediterráneo has a photo booth for you to take excellent snapshots. You will find it at the Plaza Cono entrance to the centre.


At the red car park. Check service availability and conditions at the shopping centre.